A Very Jersey Christmas

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A Very Jersey Christmas

For the first time in 20 years, the Rizzos are migrating east for the winter. Our patriarch and my new father-in-law, Silvio, has tired of leaving his beloved New Jersey home for the parched desert, so we are foregoing the palm trees and 75 degrees to spend Christmas in the quaint shore town of Tom’s River.

It’s been a considerable amount of time since I have endured real winter weather, so my new puppy, Ringo, and I have had to stock up on proper winter attire. Ringo will pack his favorite sweater that, I admit, makes him look a little bit like Mr. Rogers.


Last year I found that I was seriously lacking in the sweater department, so on my Christmas list were several chic styles from Stylewe.com. My mom came through (thanks Mom!) and I have been thrilled with the beautiful fit and fabric of the designs.  I have been a desert dweller for decades, so I took advantage of their awesome sales this year and stocked up on a few more in preparation for my East Coast Christmas. Click on the pic below to pick up some for yourself! Here’s hoping for a white Christmas…take it away, Bing!


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