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Mediocre Microblading

I was born with a less than desirable eyebrow situation. The shape is ok, but they are quite absolutely invisible. I am fair-haired and I have to fill in my eyebrows just so they can be seen. 

I refused to get the old school eyebrow tattoo, finding the finished look to be too unnatural. When micro-blading came on the scene, however, I diligently researched to find a talented artist. After waiting months for my first appointment (this girl is good, I tell you), I was thrilled with the first round results.  The process was painless, thanks to a numbing agent, and my artist was painstakingly thorough. 

The eyebrows took several weeks to heal and the process was quite annoying – no washing or touching, etc. They had faded quite a bit by the time I went in for my touch up appointment, but I assumed some fading was normal. The artist mentioned that my skin might not hold the color very well, it’s just one of those things. What? This is a thing? To make matters worse, my experience in this second appointment was quite excruciating. For some reason, the numbing agent didn’t work AT ALL, even after several applications. I felt every cutting stroke. However, the finished product looked great when I walked out the door, so I was like, hey, no pain no gain, right? 

After several more weeks of no touching, my eyebrows were no better than before the touch up. The strokes had blurred together and faded significantly. I still have to fill them in every day.  

I have to say that after a long, burdensome process and quite a bit of money, I’m very disappointed. It was my dream to wake up in the morning with eyebrows. It may seem trivial to some, and others may complain about all the tweezing they have to do to shape their gloriously bushy eyebrows. Yeah, well, I envy you. My eyebrow dreams are dashed and it might take me awhile to get over it. 

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