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A Dog & His Ball

Updated: May 28, 2020

This is Ringo. To be precise, Ringo Bandito Giuseppe Wong. He is a chug - Chihuahua / Pug mix (we think). He was adopted after a short-lived life on the mean streets of Phoenix and he has provided us with love, boundless energy, constant entertainment, profound joy, puppy kisses, and little acts of terror for the last 3 years.

Ringo is a tad OCD. He loves to play fetch, but he plays favorites. When he was a puppy his dad got him a CycleDog ball from REI and Ringo's life was forever changed. We have tried and tried to bring home different brands, but Ringo will not be fooled.

I must say I'm proud of his life choices. We love CycleDog because they make great dog products with post consumer recycled materials. The brand focuses on quality and durability with a focus on the environment and sustainability. I guess you could say Ringo has high standards and great taste (but he's definitely not spoiled). 

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