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Anthem Song

I have probably performed the Star Spangled Banner a hundred times. I started performing it in high school at all of our athletic events. My sister did it first, and when she graduated, they asked me to do it - such is the way in small towns. It made me so nervous I could puke, and it still does. In fact, it's the only time I get nervous performing. Probably because it's acapella and there are no instruments hide any vocal flaws. Perhaps it's because the song is typically performed in stadiums with such tremendous echo that you have to have in-ear monitors just to stay in time. Perhaps it's because if you mess up, EVERYONE knows the words and your erroneous melody will reverberate back to you in the thunderous aforementioned echo.

All that being said, it is one of my favorite songs to sing and I've been fortunate enough to perform for the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Arizona Diamondbacks Spring Training. My loving and supportive family has attended every performance and provided their stellar video services free of charge. 

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