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Balance Your Biome

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The struggle to find the perfect non-toxic deodorant.

I am going to be completely honest here, since turning 30, finding the perfect deodorant has become increasingly difficult. In my 20's I could pick anything off the shelf, Secret, Dove, etc.,  anything would work just fine. Not the case in my 30's. In addition, I started caring more about the ingredients, and, well...not getting cancer.

A few years ago I started using charcoal deodorant, which was brilliantly effective and full of all natural ingredients. Several weeks ago, however, I started noticing it was giving me a rash. After some research, I found it could be the baking soda or the coconut oil. Either way, I am again on the hunt for an all natural deodorant that has to be free of these two products. Lordy, this is becoming a chore!

I did some more research and settled upon a brand called Kinko, based in Houston, Texas.

I was very excited to receive my package in the mail!

Upon opening, I was pleasantly surprised to see my deodorant came with a little bottle of antibacterial.

They also left a note expressing their organization's efforts to donate antibacterial to essential workers in Houston during the pandemic.

Last but not least, when reviewing my packing slip, there was a note indicating that a portion of the profits would be donated to breast cancer awareness, research, and treatment.

I LOVE finding companies like this!

Now down to brass tacks. I have used the deodorant for a few days and, whew, no rash! However, it is not nearly as effective as the charcoal deodorants I used in the past. I looked around on their website they indicated it could take some time to "Balance Your Biome," as their tagline states. Apparently some bodies need time to adjust. I sincerely hope this stuff works because I love what this company is doing to contribute to society. And of course, they are vegan and cruelty free. Check them out!

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