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Handstand Helper

New house, new workout space. I'm super excited to have more room for my yoga practice! Some of you already know, a lot of my initial stay-at-home-order time was spent mastering my headstand.

I have not previously cultivated the core or upper body strength to go upside down without a little assistance, so I started practicing with a yoga inversion bench. It helped with the initial unease of having my feet over my head (insert obvious dirty joke here). The bench assisted in strengthening my core muscles with a little bit of support under my neck and shoulders. It took a few weeks of daily exercises, but eventually I was able to work on the headstand without the bench, and with a spotter instead (my trusty husband).  Then eventually, I was able to take the spotter away, and...bam. Headstand. Ok, yeah, I fell a few times. But shit happens.  And you know what? I learned how NOT to fall.  


I am not naturally flexible or naturally strong. I am petite and not really all that fearless when it comes to physical activities. But I have an intense desire to be strong and healthy and live a very long enjoyable life. I want to be 90 years old and doing inversions and splits in my yoga practice. So I have set high goals for myself. At 37 my body is doing things I couldn't do at 25. I have cut the words "I'm too old for that" out of my vocabulary, except maybe as it pertains to wearing Daisy Dukes. Life is short, but it is long. There is so much we are capable of, and although I may be Teenie, I don't intend to sell myself short.

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