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The Rizzos in Eureka!

Updated: May 27, 2020

My step-son Maceo graduated high school a few years ago, and all the Rizzos traveled to Eureka, California to celebrate. We spent several days at a beautiful vacation rental and Maceo showed us the beautiful landscape of Northern California.

The home we rented had a picture perfect view from the back deck. It was like being in a jungle with the most beautiful ocean backdrop. The deck was the ideal setting for morning yoga!

I have to thank my extraordinary sister-in-law for capturing all of these beautiful photos. Everyone gives her a hard time for always having a camera in her hand, but these memories are priceless. Thanks Lisa!

Tip: Always marry a man who is good to his mother.

Family hike through the canyon.


Long live Whomp Whomp Wednesdays.

Tip: Always marry someone who makes you laugh.

Congratulations to the graduate!

The post-graduation celebration took place on the beach. This beach had the most beautiful cliffs. I wasn't scared, so I joined the kids on the climb up!

A beautiful ending to a beautiful family adventure.

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